To create and deliver a personalized solution by partnering with you.

At Stratford Law Group, LLC, our attorneys are committed to working with you to deliver individually-tailored legal services that that are responsive to your needs and goals throughout the entire representation. 

As you move through the legal process, your needs and goals will likely change. The attorneys at Stratford Law Group, LLC will work with you to redefine the series of steps that must be taken to reach those changing needs and goals. The key to a successful legal partnership between client and attorney is to maintain communication throughout the legal representation.


To add value to your business by using cutting edge technology.

At Stratford Law Group, LLC, our attorneys are committed to bringing knowledgable legal representation to the marketplace for innovators seeking to implement business models built on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

There is a vacuum of legal advice surrounding the new wave of technology — cryptotokens, crypotcurrency, blockchain technology, and smart contracts — that promises to have a great impact on business. With many law firms and lawyers taking a hands-off approach to this new area of law, innovators adopting business models based on blockchain technology are without adequate, competent, knowledgable legal representation. The attorneys are Stratford Law Group, LLC are passionate about the promises that blockchain technology holds for the future of business and are committed to bringing this area of legal representation to the marketplace.


To remain on the forefront of the new legal revolution.

At Stratford Law Group, LLC, our attorneys are committed to being in the forefront of the new legal revolution which will change the law firm business model to deliver greater value to the client.

As Millennials and Generation Z take over the global economy, the status quo of law firms is changing. Access to technology means that costly meetings in the attorney’s office are unnecessary – meetings between the attorney and client can now occur across various platforms while preserving the precious attorney-client privilege. The attorneys at Stratford Law Group, LLC are dedicated to ending the uncertainty of the hourly rate billing method business model in favor of a more equitable, fixed rate business model that brings certainty to the process of working with an attorney and a law firm. New, more efficient billing methods(pending state Bar approval) will ensure a greater ROI to the you and your business with a greater return to your investors.


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