Attorney’s Fees Part I

Entitlement and Reasonableness Attorney's fees awards happen as part of a two prong process. First, you prove that you are entitled to attorney's fees. Then, you demonstrate that the fees are reasonable. Entitlement means there is a basis for the fees and you properly...

Cyber Breach Is Bad for Business

Preventing A Cyber Breach of Your Customers' Information Does the possibility of a cyber breach change the way you do business? An cyber breach hurts business. For example, lawyers must take steps to prevent cyber breaches. Lawyers take classes to learn how to avoid...

Blockchain Technology to the Rescue

Will blockchain technology rescue the Internet? When Al Gore “invented” the Internet, surely he did not envision a World Wide Web controlled by corporate giants. But, this is exactly what happened. As Net 1.0 morphed into Net 2.0, corporate giants emerged. These...


Blockchain and Smart Contracts are too big to ignore.

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